Can Faulty Brakes be Dangerous?

Brakes are one of the essential parts of your vehicle. A fault in the brake can be a hindrance to taking your driving on the road. Faulty brakes can cause a lot of problems specifically for the tailing driver. Most of the rear-end collisions occur when you are tailing the vehicle in front of you. But what if rather than you, your vehicle’s brakes were at fault?

Dangers of faulty brakes 

Driving a vehicle with faulty brakes means putting your life at risk. There is an uncertainty in whether the brake will work or not. If the brakes don’t work, you might be lucky to come out of the accident uninjured. But because of you, someone else might get into a problem and get permanently damaged.

Signs that help to identify a faulty brake

A fault in the brakes can cause irreversible damage to you or others. Therefore, it is important that you identify the signs of defective brakes.

1. A warning light

Some vehicles might be equipped with a sensor that identifies any fault in the brakes.

2.A strange sound

The brakes may produce a strange sound if defective. A screeching or grinding sound can mean the brakes need attention.


When your steering wheel, brake pedal, or other parts of your vehicle vibrate on pressing the brake, then you should show the brake to a professional.

If the brakes were a cause of the accident, then don’t wait, get someone to tow your car to the garage. It is important for a professional to check your car as a non-professional can leave the actual fault undetected.

Reasons for faulty brakes?

Your vehicle’s brakes cannot fail without any reason. Therefore, it is important to identify the exact cause of brake failure: a broken hose or a sheared-off pin. Only a trained professional will be able to identify it. Once your mechanic has been successful in identifying the reason, you must get that fixed so you may not risk your life again. 1st Choice Collision has experts who can identify the fault immediately.

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