Car Ding Repair: Is It Necessary?

Who doesn’t like shopping? But when after a shopping tour you find your car damaged it doesn’t take much time for the excitement to fade away. It may seem that your car has had a dent, but you would be happy to know that every damage does not need extensive work; all that is required is a car ding repair.

Difference between ding and dent

Not all damages are the same. Damage that needs detailed painting after metalwork is a dent. Whereas the damage that does not affect the car’s paint and no area of the vehicle becomes visible from the damage it is rather a ding, not a dent. Most car dings may be irritating and annoying; however, many of the dings do not need immediate action. The difference between ding and dent can be easily be identified by their size. A ding is any damage which is lesser than half an inch in diameter.

Causes of car ding

Even when car ding is minor and does not need rapid action, there can be several reasons for it to occur. The following are few of those:

Contact with other metal things

A car parked in the shopping mall quickly gets in touch with the shopping cart while unloading the items. Even a very closely parked car can cause a ding to form when the door of the neighboring car opens with a sudden thud.


In many parts of the country, it hails heavily. The cars parked outside the house, office, and malls get affected by the falling hails. This may cause damage and may need a car ding repair. One of the relieves is that the damage by hail is easy to remove with the paintless repair.

Repairing a car ding

Most of the people easily ignore or delay a ding or dent. However, at the time of selling or exchanging the car, even a slight ding may reduce the cost. Therefore, it is wise to contact a professional like 1st Choice Collision for a car ding repair before its sale and take benefit from the actual selling price. You can also call and website our website for more information.

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