Dent and Paint Repair That Will Last for Long

Who likes a dent in his/her car? Those who love their cars like their kids, prefer to keep it scratch less. But what can you do if your car has developed some dents? Not to worry, dent and paint repair can be done with complete perfection at 1st Choice Collision.

What do we offer?

Dents and simple damages can be irritating for you. They also become a major cause of the reduction in the value of the car. This is where we come for your rescue. 1st Choice Collision offers a complete solution for damages such as dents, ding, scratch, and hail. Our experts use the state of the art techniques to repair the vehicles. We make sure your vehicle reverts to its original form and that too, without the use of paint.

How do we serve?

Our team uses special tools that take care of all the dents and damages of your car. However, for paintless dent repair, the paint should not be damaged prior to our repairing service and the dent should be accessible from the back.

We also make sure your car is never a cause of embarrassment for you. Therefore, if your vehicle is damaged extensively, our team excels at repairing the paint as well. Our team uses the latest techniques that make any person difficult to distinguish between the original paint and the new one.

If you took your car to a repair shop but did not get the desired result, bring your car to any of our locations, and we will assure you the best quality service. Our goal is to provide you ultimate satisfaction so you may always love your vehicle. Call us on 936-447-6001281-894-9933, or 713-937-9297 for knowing what and how we serve. The work performed by us speaks for itself.

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