Do Airbags Expire? What Car Owners Need To Know

We all know that airbags are one of the car’s most important safety features. However, it’s important that they operate correctly. An airbag issue isn’t just alarming- in some cases, it can even be deadly. If you want to care for your airbags then you might be wondering- do airbags expire? Below, you’ll learn if your old airbags are still functional.

Do Airbags Expire?

In general, airbags do not expire. While they might appear to have a shelf life, this is usually just a manufacturer recommendation on an older model. Some car companies used to say that their airbags needed to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. However, today’s airbags are designed to last just as long as the car itself.

Do I Need To Replace My Airbag?

Generally speaking, you won’t need an airbag replacement unless you have been in a serious accident. If an airbag deploys, then it must be replaced. This is because airbags are only designed to deploy once. However, ask a mechanic if you have questions about your airbag. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and occasionally a replacement might be needed. This is especially true if you are driving an older car.

My SRS light is on! Are My Airbags Okay?

Your airbags are a part of your car’s SRS system, which also includes your seatbelts. There is an SRS light on your dashboard that can indicate a problem with either your seatbelts or your airbags. It’s important to bring your car into the shop if this light is on. While it is usually just a computer issue, it can sometimes indicate a serious problem.

Airbag Service in Texas

We hopefully cleared up the  “do my airbags expire?” question. However, you still might have other airbag concerns. In that case, you should have a professional look at your car. The First Choice Collision team can check your airbags, replace bags that have deployed, and more. We offer quick, professional service in the Houston area and beyond. Call us today to learn more.

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