Fixing Door Dings

Spending time with your family while shopping and watching a movie can be fun. However, these memorable times can turn into an upsetting moment if on reaching the parking lot, you notice dings on your car’s door. What should you do? Take your car immediately for a repair or try to fix the door dings yourself.

A wise option is to take your car to a professional like 1st Choice Collision. But before you take your car to a workshop, you can fix the dings yourself if there are no major dents.

Using a rubber plunger

A rubber plunger comes in handy if the dings are minor. All you have to do is put some water on the plunger and the ding and pop out the dent with a plunger.

Hair Dryer and Dry Ice

For pulling the minor dents out, heat the area where with a hairdryer. Remember to set the dryer at the maximum level. The heat will expand the area where ding is. The next step is to apply a piece of dry ice on the dent. Hold the ice with gloves and apply it till the dent pops out.

Vacuum cleaner and pot

You would need a small pot with a hole in it at the bottom. Tape the other side of the pot on the ding, put the vacuum cleaner’s hose over the hole in the pot and turn it on. The pressure of the vacuum cleaner will be good enough to pull the dent out. Let the vacuum cleaner work till it pulls out the dent.

You can also use door ding repair tools and repair kits. But all these methods have an element of uncertainty in them. For a guaranteed result, take your car to a workshop so that the experts can fix the door dings and scratches with perfection. You can also visit us to know the methods we use to remove the dents.

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