Fixing Hail Dents on the Car

Winter has its own charm. Many people wait for the chilly season to begin so that they can enjoy their favorite activities. But with beauty comes pain. On the one hand, where winter makes our moods better, on the other hand, car lovers feel scared to park their cars in the open environment become of hail, causing dents on the car’s surface. Hail dents are natural to occur in winter, but luckily there are various ways to remove them without much effort.

Paintless Dent Repair

This is the most common and easy way to remove hail dent. This technique has grown in popularity over the number of years. Eliminating dent through this method involves the use of various tools that pull the dent out. The tools remove the dent with such perfection that your car looks as good as new. The alternative to hauling the dent is to push it out from under the panel. This method is also an excellent option to make the surface of the car smooth.

Body Filler

Body filler is an effective alternative to remove hail dents from the car. This is a substance that fills the dents of the car rather than pulling or pushing it out. The body fillers range from lightweight fillers for minor dents to heavy-duty fillers for severe damage. The fillers are applied on the surface of the car where the dent is, and then with sandpaper, the surface is made smooth. The last step is to paint the surface to match the area with the rest of the surface.

The experts at 1st Choice Collision take complete responsibility to remove the hail dent and use the best methods and tools so that your car keeps looking new. If this winter, your car’s surface has also faced damage because of hail, contact us, and we will fix it for you.

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