Various Types of Windshield Crack That Affect the Car

Have you ever thought about what part of your car protects you the most when you are driving? It is the windshield that stays in front of your eyes and supports you the most. It is designed in a way that it saves you from any unfortunate events. Additionally, it provides a clear view of the road to the driver. Any crack in the windshield can compromise the safety of the driver. Experts suggest that even if the crack is small, people should not ignore them. However, there are various types of windshield cracks, and it is important to know which ones can be dangerous.

How to react to a windshield crack

As soon as the crack occurs, people should be proactive, specifically if it lies in the line of vision. It is a general practice of ignoring the crack that lies at any other part of the windshield. If the person ignores the cracks, these may harm the vehicle.

Cracks may seem the same to people, but they are different from each other. Most of the cracks occur when an object hits hard on the windscreen. Often these objects are rocks that come up by tires—these rocks when hit the edge of the windshield form long cracks. However, when these hit the center of the screen, a c rack appear in the form of a web.

Different types of windshield cracks

What type of crack occurs depends on where the object hits the screen. The following are the different types of cracks that can form on the windshield:

Bull’s Eye

These cracks occur when a rock or any other circular object that has a cone on one of the edges hits the glass. The cone removes a large chunk from the glass when it contacts the glass.


This occurs when the object takes a small piece off the glass.

Edge crack

This is a crack that starts from two inches away from the edge of the screen. These cracks form as soon as the object hits the glass and can be of twelve inches long.

 Floater Crack

A floater crack may begin from a little distance away from the edge. These cracks are small in the beginning, then spread in all directions.

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