Windshield Leak Repair

Getting water inside your car is frustrating. It is worse if one does not realize where it is coming from. There are a few reasons because of which water gets inside the vehicle. Rust and cracks are a few of those. However, in many cases, the water may enter the inside of your car due to a leaking windshield. It is a common problem in places where it rains more than the average. However, whether sooner or later a windshield leak repair is necessary to keep your car safe.

Reasons for the windshield leaking

The two ways to handle the situation is to either get a replacement of the windshield or a repair of the glass. But before taking the necessary action it is important to identify the reasons for a windshield leak.

  • The most common reason for the leak of the windshield is a poor windshield replacement. If recently, you had a new windscreen installed and the fitting has not been done properly, it would cause the windscreen to leak.
  • For a windscreen to install properly the seal should also fix correctly. If the windshield seal replacement has not been done in the right manner it would also be one of the reasons for the leak to happen.
  • Failure to use appropriate tools to fix the windscreen also makes the water get inside the car.

How to fix a leaking windshield?

Due to the availability of tutorials on the internet on car windshield leak repair a person may choose to do it himself/ herself. However, your car is not a cheap possession and therefore, any error in the repair may cost you a lot. Therefore, rather than being a jack of all trades, a person should consider getting a windscreen leak repair done by a trusted professional. The experts at 1st Choice Collision will perform various tests to check your windshield for any leak. They will later provide appropriate measures to fix it.

So, next time when you sit in your car and note any signs of windshield leak call us. Our experts will have your windshield leak repair performed within no time and will also suggest ways to prevent it from happening again.

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