Collision Repair

Frame damage is a serious concern when you have been involved in an accident. We know you have many questions, such as: will my vehicle ever be like it was; will it handle the same; will my tires wear evenly; how will I know it was repaired properly; and, many more. Most collision repair facilities have some type of frame pulling equipment, but the most important aspect is knowing where the damage is and just how far out of factory specification it is. This is where our state of the art measuring equipment takes all the guess work out of the equation. Car-O-Liner is a camera based system, enabling us to pin point exact measuring down to the millimeter. The equipment is loaded with blue prints of every make and model. Knowing exactly where we are starting at and where we need to go takes the guess work out of frame and unibody repair. Our frame pulling racks are also made by Kansas Jack, a top leader in collision repair equipment.

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