Fear of airbag injuries

An accident is the last thing that a person traveling would think of. All modern cars have airbags installed in them for people’s safety. However, even an airbag can be a cause of broken bones when deployed. A person may get several airbag injuries, but these are still less as compared to the injuries one would get in the absence of an airbag.

How does an airbag work?

When a car gets into a severe crash, the airbags installed in the car start to work. The sensor allows it to pop out to save the driver or the passenger from colliding into the steering wheel or the dashboard. However, since the airbags open with a sudden force, these may cause airbag injuries to the two people sitting in the front of the car.

Common Airbag injuries

Though the intended task of an airbag is to save people from significant injuries; however, the airbag itself may become a cause of some injuries.

  • The speed of an airbag deployment may cause burns
  • An asthmatic or allergic person may find it difficult to breathe due to sudden release of chemicals
  • The force of the airbags may harm the eyesight and the eyes.
  • A sudden deployment of the airbag may cause pain on the part of the body where it touches.

Things that can go wrong

The airbag works with the help of a sensor, which signals it to deploy in case of an accident. However, if the sensor malfunctions, the airbag may not deploy.

The other problems can be of the airbag deploying few microseconds late. This can make the driver or the passenger have a head injury as a result of a hit on the steering wheel or the dashboard.

Therefore, the driver should get the airbags of the car checked on regular intervals from a professional. 1st Choice Collision makes sure to check your vehicle and repair any malfunctioning before the occurrence of any serious problem.

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