Is Your Car AC Not Working? Here’s What to Do

There’s not a whole lot worse than driving around on a hot day and your car’s air conditioner suddenly stops blowing cold air. When this happens, what do you do next? Here’s some information that will help you keep your cool – no matter how frustrating it will be if your car’s AC goes out.

Why Did This Happen?

When cool air stops coming through your vent, a refrigerant leak is usually the culprit. Your car came from the factory with a certain amount of refrigerant, otherwise known as the charge. If the charge escapes your vehicle’s AC system, the air will no longer be cold. An AC system can leak due to wear and tear on the compressor, or due to long-term exposure to heat. Vibrations can also lead to a leak.

What Can I Do?

The most important thing is what NOT to do. Never try to fix an automotive AC system on your own. That could lead to a more expensive repair down the road. The best thing you can do is to get to First Choice Collision as soon as possible. We’ll determine the reason for your problem and get it fixed as fast as we can. You’ll once again be riding around in cool comfort in no time.

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